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Thread: Kodiak BlackTail Hunting

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    Default Kodiak BlackTail Hunting

    What is the absolute best week to go in October for Kodiak blacktail.
    I am in the planning stages of doing a Kodiak blacktail hunting trip and can only do it in October since I will be hunting in the lower 48 during all of November.

    Any help is great appreciated.
    Marc Theiler

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    Hello ,i Go The Last Week In October To Olga Bay......

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    The later in Oct the better

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    Default Rut

    Any possible rut activity?

    I am very much interested for the opportunity for pope and young quality animals as well as the overall quality of the hunt.

    My plans are taking my sportfishing vessel and using the ferry from Homer to Kodiak and then going from there. This will be my first blacktail hunt on Kodiak and need as much information as I can gather.
    Marc Theiler

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    later the better, i've seen them rutting the last few days of oct before, but most of the deer where high and in large herds, not very often that we saw any alone. grass is still up, early oct some of the leaves are still on as well, makin' it tough. so pretty much the best traveling is the bear trails, which the bears happen to still be hunt smart.
    Bottom line is no matter when you go, on a sunny day glass the skyline and a couple hundred feet down from there, that'll be your best bet for getting on some deer.
    practice in the wind and shooting at steep angles!!
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