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Thread: Lower unit prop?

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    Default Lower unit prop?

    Sorry to be so naive, but what is a lower unit prop (sold with a jet motor)? My guess is that it is a changeable lower unit that allows a motor to change from jet to prop? If that is so, how easy is it to change out? Can a guy do it mid trip?

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    It would be a complete lower unit with prop. You could change it out mid-trip but thats a considerable piece to carry with you. Not to difficult to change if you have the tools but I would set up with a prop or jet prior to going based on what water was going to be navigated, I wouldnt try to "change horses in the middle of the stream". CN

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    Default Good question

    That is a very good question to ask the dealer, before you buy it. Depending on the motor, it'll take you an less than an hour to change them while in the water. Plan on getting a bit wet.
    Drop a part and it takes longer. Losing one takes even longer.
    Get a good understanding of the throttle cable operation and attachment/adjustment for each lower unit before you go out.
    Nemo is right. It would have to be a long, long trip before I would do it again.
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    It is not very hard to do. When I would go moose hunting up the Nowitna we would run the prop lower unit down the Yukon and then about 50 miles up the Novi we would stop and put the jet unit on. Two people can easily swap the lower units in an hour, the hardest part is fishing the shift linkage up through the motor tub without knocking the linkage out of adjustment. You also need to have the engine mounted on a lift because with the prop lower unit on the engine has to sit 6"-8" lower than when it has the jet unit on.
    You can swap out the lower units without getting wet, all you do is move some weight up to the bow or have one person stand at the peak then tie a rope to the transom and push the bow out into the water then one person can pull the transom as far up the sand or gravel bar as he can. Normally you can get the boat far enough up the shore that the lower unit is above dry ground.

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    If your talking about what I posted, then the answer is yes. I have both the lower units for my motor, the prop and the jet unit. This set up gives you alot of options depending on the water you are running. Big river or Ocean prop for more power, speed and fuel economy. Jet for shallow water. Any luck finding yourself a boat. If you planning on bringing a uhaul or a trailer up here from the states I can clue you into a way to make some cash that should almost pay for the trip (nothing illegal). PM if your interested


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