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Thread: Kasilof dipnetting

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    Default Kasilof dipnetting

    I'd like to hear some opinions on if you think a trip down to Kasilof would be worth while this weekend. According to Fish and Games website they are closing the Kasilof terminal fishing harvest area until further notice begining at 11:00 pm tonight. Thanks,


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    Sorry, the info is late.

    Got 26 fish out of south shore mouth on the 21st. High tide at 0130. There were commercial openers and extensions day after day. Was looking grim. But then DFG had the boats come in between 2300-0500 because they had trouble staying within the boundries at night. This allowed the fish to make a run for the river at high water. All the planets lined up. About 12 people on the beach. Between 2 and 5, it was a slaughter. Everyone was pulling out fish as soon as the net went in the water. Was much like work.

    Got 41 reds total that week. Plenty for the family. Only one from the Kenai and that after 3 hours of shore dipping. The Kasilof was the hot spot this saeson.


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