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    Rented both the cabins for Situk in August. I know that Situk is known for the steelies in Spring, but it's not in the cards this year. Hoping to catch some silvers during that time. Does Situk in August seem like a bad idea? Should I be looking elsewhere?? Would love to hear from some experienced members..... thanks.

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    There's a lot better fishing to be had than the situk in August IMO (like bristol bay) However Yakutat is an awesome place and the situk is a gorgeous river.
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    Can't say I have experience with that one in particular but I have found many clear flowing SE streams and rivers have cut throats in them. I would be surprised if you couldn't find a few.
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    I personally wouldn't go there in august (fewer pinks and more silvers later, like mid-september), but ya never know with weather and all. You might catch some at the very end of august. Been in that area twice - seemed like the silvers really picked up beginning about the 9/7-9/10 and got better after that.

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    A fellow high school buddy and I have the Raven starting on May 26th thru the following Saturday; our first trip. My research shows what you've stated; steelies in August is thin; but not out of the question. Certainly a good opportunity to get to know the area for a return trip. Should be fun going up and down the river hitting the off streams.

    Are you local? If not, are you aware of a cab service. We're flying in; going to 9 mi bridge and walking in with back packs. So we need a ride there; and a pick up later.

    What else is going on?
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    naww, not local, but go to a couple places up there every year for awhile. And, I'm doin exactly what AKPM says this august, going to Bristol Bay - the silvers start earlier there.

    The situk has a huge run of steelhead, but August - I've never heard of that. I was thinking you were hoping for early silvers, but that is early IMO. There are cabs out there. The motels have shuttles, and driftboats for rent to guests and sometimes non-guests; you will figure it all out.

    As for May I'm real curious what you will catch - people have been heading there earlier, I'm guessing to beat the crowds. Please post a report.

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    In August, the Situk is plugged with pink salmon, literally hundreds of thousands of them. There will be schools of sockeye intermingled, especially at the beginning of the month, but most will be spawning far upstream near Situk and Mountain Lake. By the end of the August, silvers will be entering the system. The Situk has a very big run of silvers, but it peaks later, near mid-September. There will be no steelhead in the Situk in August.


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