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Thread: Where do we draw the line.....

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    when it comes to light weight gear? I certainly try to go as light as I can but there are 2 things that I won't sacrifice when it comes to weight, my tent and sleeping bag. IMO these 2 items are the most important pieces of gear a person can take on a hunt. I can find other areas to cut weight and still be under the 50-60 lb maximum weight most air charters require. So where do you draw the line?

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    Default my line

    I draw the line on optics and camera. Leica binos and scope and a 3 1/2 lb video camera are things I won't leave home without. Oh, and my full length thermarest.
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    I draw the line at a sturdy backpack, something that can handle the brush. I also like to have a decent 1st aid kit ever since I tweaked my knee one trip. Last summer I managed 32 lbs. for a 3-day hike, and that included my gun & water. I remember going with 24 lbs. on a similar trip a few years ago, and have no idea how it got so light. I think the food you pack makes a huge difference.

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    Default Minimal Gear

    I agree on the tent and sleeping bag. I think a 4 season top quality tent is a must for any remote travel in Alaska and it is nice to be warm inside it especially when stranded. Weather can just change so fast and accidents and strandings happen.

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    Default A good night's sleep

    I too agree with the thoughts above.

    I started packing a bigger, self-inflating sleep pad 2 years ago after talking to a friend about how to lighten a pack - what to sacrifice, etc. When we got to sleep pads, I told him what lightwt pad I used, but he said, "Not me man. When it comes to sleeping, I pick the biggest cushiest pad I can find". Cold spots, sliding off the pad - are no longer issues. More trouble to pack, but I sleep great.


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