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    Default Shuyak Island

    Wondering if anyone has done any flyfishing at Shuyak? I understand there is a healthy population of silvers, but I can't find any good information online regarding the rivers/streams near the National Forest Cabin - Eagle's Nest. Do people mainly visit this are just for offshore fishing?

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    Timing is key, as the window is narrow. It's not a Forest Service cabin. It's Alaska State Parks. Contact them for more info on run timing, but be prepared for the cabin to be occupied then. There's timing and procedure involved in getting reservations for the dates you want, and you don't want to miss the ap window.

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    Thanks BrownBear. We are aware of the cabin rental timing issue. What is even worse about the State Park system, is the the fees are completely non-refundable. I've already got reservations for Yakutat, but a friend was showing some interest in Shuyak for some reason. I just wasn't able to find any fishing information. Seems that the place has small streams and many of the fish school up in the bay because they all can't make it into the stream system. Is this remotely true? If so, perhaps fishing the Situk River in Yakutat would be a better choice.

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    Default worked on Shuyak for a summer

    I worked on Shuyak during the summer of 97. I helped at the ranger station and ran the weir at Bear creek (Carry Inlet). The fishing for silvers in the lagoon in front of of the creek was really good. This would have been late august. Big Creek also had comparable fishing. Dolly and pink action was solid as well. These creeks are all small so most of the fishing is in the staging areas in front of the creeks. I would pick somewhere else if you want stream fishing. It is an awsome area for kayaking and exploring and the bottom fishing just outside the protected areas is superb. Lots of deer on the island as well.

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    Another way to access Shuyak is via mothership. Sleep warm and dry in protected anchorages and have the streams to yourself.


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