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    Default 375 Ruger

    Has anyone done any reloading with this round and if so any recomendations would be appreciated.

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    Thumbs up 375 Ruger

    Reloader 15 @ 72.0
    260 Nosler Accubond or 270 Hornady SP
    Horn Brass
    WLRM Primers

    Shoots less than 1" @ 100 yards
    If you the Houge replacement from Houge.
    Beware of heavy loads in the 375 Ruger...stock tang at pistol grip area tends to crack.
    If you have the African version sugest a good bedding job.

    Ruger Alaskan

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    Here's a good article on your .375 Ruger with some load data as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by theONE73 View Post
    Here's a good article on your .375 Ruger with some load data as well.

    Good info...

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    Nosler have some loading info on their site.

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    Default .375 Ruger Africans and stock splitting

    Stock crossbolts are standard issue when stocking heavy kickers . Winchester had it right from the beginning . .338's got one crossbolt in the web area of the stock between the magazine area and trigger well . That is the area that gives first 9 out of 10 times . Any .375 mag should have two crossbolts , one in the lug area and the second to the rear , as mentioned , as Winchester has always done . If you're in love with your African then have a competent stockbuilder install a second crossbolt and check contact with wood in the guard screw areas , magazine and tang and I guarentee it will not crack . I have done a little experimenting with what we call " try stocks " ( temporary stock for rifles being built ) and have pounded a cheap piece of walnut to no end with big catrtridges ( .475 A&M ) only find that they all held with crossbolts put in the right spot . Ruger showed bad judgement which is tough to understand from someone that has been around so long and has done so much right .


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