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    I bought me a .45 ACP Glock 36. It takes a single stack 6 round magazine. It weighs in at 22.5 oz. with a empty magazine. Should be a hoot to shoot. As the weather warms up I will be shooting the heck out of it at 6" paper plates all the way out to 7 yds! It ain't a 1911 but it fits in my pocket and will live in my boat this summer. Any of you have one and if you do how do you like it? Oh yeah. In case the unthinkable happens and November brings sad times upon us shooters it might be a good time to get plenty of extra magazines for your guns.

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    Thumbs up I do

    I shoot this handgun better then all the rest, the ones that I own anyway. Don't know why?

    IMO, for your money the G36 is very hard to beat. I think I paid $500 for mine years ago. It will efficiently feed and fire "any" ammo I put through it, and I still have not had a jam or failure. This includes cheap re-manufactured ball ammo.

    I also like the fact that it is slim and small enough to drop in your front jean pocket. Yet some how it fits comfortably in my slightly larger then average hand. It is also surprisingly comfortable to shoot for a small light gun.

    Congrats, I hope you enjoy it!

    BTW: I don't work for Glock.

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    Thumbs up Glock 36

    Good choice. Had 1 for a few years, then sold it. Took it everywhere i went. ITis the most concealable of the glocks. If i get a chance to acquire another will buy it. Even getting a itch for a glock 29/ they work and thats what i expect from a glock. The frame will actually flex a bit with hot loads, no safety to get in the way. The glock 45GAP is also a good round and seems to be in the 45super pressure area.

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    Default More info

    I put a XS Sight System's Standard White Dot with Tritium on the front and Wide Express Tritium on the rear. They are good fast sights for this pistol. Ordered 6 more magazines and a IWB #3 horse hide holster from Kramer. I am a big fan of Kramer's horse hide holsters. I am also primarily a 1911 fan but this little Glock just gave me a reason to get another gun and more gear. God Bless America!

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    .338, did you get that new Kramer holster yet? When you get it I'd like to take a look at it. Thinking about getting one for my G23...

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    Default not yet

    I expect the holster to show up the first week in April and you are welcome to come and look at it and my 3 other Kramer holsters. I am going to do some work on the Glock 36. The finger grooves and hump on the back are going to go. Also, something has to be done with that trigger, what were they thinking?!

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    Default great website

    Here's a good website for aftermarket Glock goodies.

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    Default Glock 36 holster

    My Kramer IWB #3 horsehide holster for the Glock 36 is here, it is perfect. I now have 8 magazines for it and a 5 lb tactical connector coming. I will reshape the grip area this week end to get rid of the hump and finger grooves. Won't be long and it will be trigger time. Yeehaw!


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