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    Whats the Difference between the Pentax 65 ED and the 65ED II besides the price?

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    Here's what Pentax says:


    High image performance
    The new 65mm spotting scopes have been improved over our previous models by modifying all optical systems and improving lens quality and layout. This new optical design enhances the overall performance of the spotting scopes but specifically assures high quality results when attached to a PENTAX digital camera."

    "Optical quality - Newly designed optical structure using ED (Extra low Dispersion) glass on the objective lenses. It minimize color aberration even better than previous model"

    And here's a quote from another forum that I guy got from Pentax:


    Basically, the optical design was slightly modified in the PF-65EDII to
    improve the image resolution and color accuracy. However, this was the
    only change, besides adding the roman numeral two to the name. The
    previous PF-65ED scopes were definitely good (especially for the price),
    but the new version is even better.

    Thank you,

    John Carlson
    Product Manager
    PENTAX Imaging Company"

    My PF65 EDII A resolves excellent detail even at 52x with the WO Zoom.

    And here's a great Pentax Spotter forum. I've posted there quite a bit.
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