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    Default sleeping bag

    what temp bag do i need for the chugatch,i drew a sheep tag
    going in august

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    A 15-20 degree bag would be good for that time frame. If you ever plan on doing cold weather camping, you may want to go heavier. If not, a higher temp rating usually means a lighter weight bag which is always a plus for sheep hunting.

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    Default Another Thought

    I agree with Brian on the 20 deg bag. I'd go synthetic and the North Face Cats meow is a favorite of many. Another strategy for August sheep hunts is to sleep with all of your insulating layers on and use a very light weight 30 or 40 deg synthetic bag. This can save more than a pound on the sleeping bag and the lighter bags are MUCH more compressable. You'll be carrying the insulating layers anyway so you won't be packing anything extra. I love the Montbell thermawrap top and bottom for insulating layers. It's easier to pack several small things the serve multiple purposes.



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