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Thread: Shark fishing and the Brooks River

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    Default Shark fishing and the Brooks River

    I'm selling my boat, and the proceeds are going the sweetest summer of all time. My fiance and I are planning a trip to King Salmon, and then to the Brooks river in june. Anyone been there? I would rather do Funnel or Morraine, but with just the two of us, i figure thats a little safer. Anyone know if its as busy as i hope its not on the opener? Not interested in reds, just bows. In July, we are going to Cordova for some shark fishing and hopefully some cutthroats. Any ideas on shark guides? I know lots of people ask these silly questions, and i have a lot of ideas from buddies, but i get so many good ideas and help from this forum, i thought i'd throw it out there. Thanks folks.

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    I don't know when the opener is, but Brooks Camp is the most busy the end of June through the first part (maybe the entire part) of July when the bears and people show up in large numbers. If you could go in early September, right before they close, there are few people (but lots of bears in the lower river).

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    Wink Funnel and Moraine

    These rivers fish best in August and September and it's largely a bead fishery although flesh can work in the right situation (high water tearing up carcasses) Lots and lots and lots of bears but at least there won't be some lackey in brown shorts telling you to be quiet so you don't "alter" the behavior of the bears...sheesh. Camping can be done at the floatpond lake that most of the lodges use (quarter mile from Moraine). Bears largely remain in the river areas chowin on salmon, but I'd bring a fence.

    If you have any real experience in the Alaska outdoors (i.e. bad weather, bears, clean camps, good equipment etc.) go to Moraine and forget the gong show at Brooks. But if you are mortified by seeing ten or more bears within 20-50 yards of you everyday (with no catwalk or hazers) and the potential of freezing temperatures in Mid August and winds and rain lasting for days at 30 to 40 miles per hour (with little cover and no wood to burn) try something a little tamer. The place is gorgeous when the sun is out and the wind is below 20 miles per hour but your trip might not intercept that one day out of the every ten that it shows up. Then again, you might get lucky...but plan for the worst, hope for best.

    pm me for details.

    Just one bushdweller's opinion...


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