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    Ok, I very recently purchased through the wonder of plastic financing an older Bushmaster Xm15 ES2. It is the one with the 16 1/2 inch heavy barrel, no flash suppresor, standard fixed carry handle, later sights,fixed stock. Right away, people I know say. "Oh. you should have bought the one with the telescoping stock and flash suppressor and removable handle with the picatinny rail for a scope!" etc., etc. Well, this isn't going to be my basis for a 5.56 wannabe house to house unit gun, and I think the removable carry handle is not essential, considering the one knurled nut for holding a carry handle scope mount in place. Seems like a good all around gun to me. Besides, it was a good deal. I might have a pinned on flash suppresor put on, but that would be it. Any comments?

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    I have met hundreds of insurgents that will vouch for the effectivness of your setup. 2 each his own.

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    Nice thing abut the AR is that you can change just about anything on it after you have the lower. If it goes bang now and you're happy, leave it alone and save your $. Enjoy.

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    Default I second that

    I have used the military verson for many years. Starting in 84 with am M16 A1 with a .45 (I was a TOW gunner), next an M16 A2 in Germany, next pack to an M16 A1 when I was in the Joint Security Area inside the DMZ in Korea (90-91) We wanted to keep the full auto function for some reason, we also switched at that time to the Berreta M-9. After that back in the states we stuck with the M16 A2's for a while till I ended up in the Ranger community (turned grunt) then the sky was the limit. My current rifle this past 14 month in Iraq was the wizbang M-4 with all the "Lickeys and Chewys" some issued, some put on personaly by me. Never let me down and got plenty of use would be an undertatment. Key is to learn its functions till it becomes second nature. You have a super rifle, Im happy for your for getting a good deal. So what if you didnt get some of then "cool" add ons. The rifle itself is what counts. A well taken care of older, less gageted AR will do just as good as one decked out in doing what it was designed for. There are plently of things you can change as you see fit for your person as you go. Kool thing is you got a good rifle on a great deal that can do pretty much anything you are going to ask of it just as it is. Good luck and congradulations again!


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    You don't need a flash suppressor. What kind of night shooting are you planning on doing that you need to hide the flash? They don't really work anyhow. Don't bother with it.

    If you ever get the itch to put a flashlight or laser or any other "gizmo" on there, you can simply put a rail forend on it or a bolt-on rail section for the forend. There are also some rather inexpensive rails that clamp to the front sight frame to accept a small SureFire or equiv. Surprisingly, they work very well. I've got a sweet laser/flashlight setup on the bayonet lug of mine, but since you have a Clinton model, you don't have that option.

    Some advice on the Bushmasters... as the moving parts wear out, replace them with genuine Colt parts. This is especially true for the gas rings and extractor parts.
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