I know this is probably a dumb question, but is there anyone willing to take a newbie bear hunter out with them at all this year? I am a Christian first and foremost and also a hard worker, die hard bowhunter and consider myself to be in good shape. I am thinking about a diy hunt on pow, but am a little nervous because I would be on my own and have never been there. I can not get any friends to come with me. I currently reside in PA. I was originally planning a D-I-Y elk hunt in MT but the wife and I are expecting around 10/1 (I know, I know, poor planning on my part). Feel free to call me or I can call you, I can also be emailed anytime. I would be willing to do all the work in terms of setting up the bait sites, as well as buy the bait. I don't have a lot of money, plus I derive more satisfaction from success on a DIY type of hunt. I don't know what I have to offer in exchange for your help. The reason I think this is a dumb question is I am sure this isn't the first time someone has asked. And to be honest, who would give something for nothing in return? Anyway, thanks for looking. Tim