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Thread: Alaska fishing Video for Fund Raiser

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    Seeking Alaska halibut fishing videos to show on a computer for an auction on March 1. Two days for two people fishing halibut in Alaska has been donated to the Prosthetic Outreach Foundation -- a non-profit raising money to help people that need financial support to obtain prosthetic devices. (Please check out the foundation web site) To encourage interest in bidding on this item we would like to show a video of people having fun on the water. A computer be used at the auction but need your video of halibut fishing on the water. If you have a video or photo slide show that you will permit us to use for this fund raising event please contact me and thanks in advance for your help.

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    Thanks, Andrew, for the help and beautiful photos. Your effort is much appreciated --- the money donated for this item at the auction on March 1, 2008 will benefit a person and family in need and have a substantial impact on their quality of life.


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