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    Hi My name is Nick. My hunting partner and I are looking to take a trip in 09 . He wants to go to Quebec, I say Alaska. Been there twice fishing and loved it. Really want to hunt moose/caribou there. I'm hoping to find lots of info on this site from guys who have been there. I was also wondering if anybody has any desire to hunt whitetails in Michigan or Indiana. Maybe we could work something out. We don't have a lot of money for a guided trip but don't want to fumble around too much on our own. Would be nice to tag along with someone who has done this type of hunting before. We can take you whitetail hunting or salmon/walleye fishing/smallmouth bass fishing. Can't compare to Ak salmon size but Lake MI is pretty good. Also have great walleye and the best smallmouth action on lake huron and St.clair. Also great Musky in lake St.Clair. Let me know if anybody is interested. Or maybe we could pay your expenses to hunt with you?
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    What type of hunt here in AK do you have in mind? Bow or rifle?


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