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Thread: Black Bear Baiting Basics

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    I am going to POW AK to hunt black bears and do not plan to bait, and have never baited before. However, based on a lot of good advice I have recieved (thanks) I have decided to set a bait out "just in case". I already have a lot of ideas for attracant and I will use dog food. I need to know about bait placement etc.
    Can you give me in a nutshell some basic ideas. Things like:
    Where to set baits, South slopes, upwind of tidal flats, thick areas, etc
    What makes a great bait location.
    How often and what time to check baits and restock.
    Having never baited I am very new and want to get the basics down to increase my odds of success.
    Thanks DonV

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    Default Baiting

    Look for bear signs (bear scat, game trails, etc.), and the more pungent the bait the better. You will hear a lot about sweet tasting & smelling bait for good reasons. Honey burns are a great way to get the sweet scent into the air. Ansie Oil is also another popular scent. There is probably a lot more info out there for bait ideas & locations, check the archives. Oh ya, make sure to complete the bait clinic & register your bait station with ADF&G.

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    POW is in GMU 2 and does not require the bear baiting clinic, however, a permit is, as stated, required.


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