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Thread: Inflatable by gary king

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    Default Inflatable by gary king

    Has anyone used the 17' inflatable by gary King alaska series? The one I was looking at has a transform and a bailer for a small outboard. Thanks!

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    Default Jim King canoe

    I bought one of Jims' canoes about four years ago and have had it on 4 float hunts. The inboard motor with transom works quite well but I made some minor modifications. I increased the height of the transom so the motor could operate in the shallowest water possible. I use a 2 hp Honda which propels the canoe to aprox. 10mph with two people. The bailer sleeve I wrap around a small plastic trash can with the bottom cut out which fits perfectly and keeps the sleeve from collapsing. The canoe is quite durable and capable of handling more weight than you can fit in the canoe. I have had and entire moose(600-700#s) with two passengers (300 and 175#s) and gear(150#s) in it with no problem. The handling of the canoe in rough water is excellent and I have been amazed by the stability. I have developed lots of tricks in loading and operating the canoe over time and trips. I am not a super canoeist by any stretch but manage to stay in the canoe and out of the water. I've tried a kayak paddle but have greater sucess with a conventional canoe paddle. Unlike a raft where you just float down river a canoe gives you the freedom and ability to go back upriver and into side creeks and slews which would be difficult at best in a raft. The Honda motor on low speed is very quiet and quite the stealth machine. If you have anymore questions I will try to help.


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