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Thread: Wolf Parkas??

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    Default Wolf Parkas??

    Do you guys make them your selves or have some body do it. I want to do one in the near future. How many hides does it take, where do you cut, and how do you sow it. After the animal is skinned and fleshed, how do you guys tan them?? After the animal is found and killed. I am sure wolf season will finnaly open here in the lower 48. here in MT I can only get one and that is in Sept. but in WY I can get as many as I can get coyotes. Wish me luck and thanks for the help!!!

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    Default whoa

    huge topic there...... my wife skin sews and making a pure wolf parka really isn't feasible... lots of parkas with lots of wolf fur on them but nothing really as a whole parka...

    there are skin sewing patterns out of the internet you can use as a guide, however the price of a wolf hide (either commerical bought or self made) is high and you shouldn't use it as your learning curve for the sewing.....

    good luck.


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    theres a dude in Juneau who walks around with one... It looks pretty hideous if you ask me. I believe traditionally wolf fur was used for the ruffs on the hoods
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