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Thread: Sierra Designs Firestorm Tent?

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    Default Sierra Designs Firestorm Tent?

    I saw one of the guys has a tent like this for sale here on the forums, but I was unable to find any real reviews, etc. for the tent through my usual source(google).

    Has anyone used one of these? Do they work well?
    I'm looking for something that is light, water proof, holds up well to decent amounts of wind, and can take the punishment of being used every other week all summer. Would this fill the bill?

    Are sierra designs tents in general of good quality?

    I'm headin' to college this next fall so I am tryin' to keep the price down, and this thing, new or otherwise, doesn't look too pricey.

    ANY info is appreciated!

    Thanks guys,


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    I slept in Sierra Design tents before and had no complaints and never got wet. If your looking for a good 3 season tent then I don't see why it wouldn't work for you.


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