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Thread: Crampons ?????

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    Default Crampons ?????

    After reading through many posts through the Archives I have not found my answer and have a quick question on Crampons .
    Are they a common thing to bring along on goat and sheep hunts ???

    I have an upcoming goat hunt on Kodiak DG471 am not sure if I need a set or not .

    Any help would be great .

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    I was curious about the same thing for sheep hunting. The area that I am hunting does have some glaciated regions and it sure would suck to not be able to get to a big ram cause of a little ice. I am considering getting the instep crampons from barneys.

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    I own crampons, but don't usually carry them sheep or goat hunting. I would carry them if I knew that glacial or steep snowfield travel was possible, but on Kodiak I don't see the need for them. Just one man's opinion, though.

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    I take 4 point instep or 6 point instep/heel crampons with me year round. They work great in the mud and wet as well as ice and snow. When going down hill they really stabilize your feet. They work great on dry ground, and even better on a 45 degree slope.
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    Default crampons

    I do use them but only climbing up scree slopes to peek over drainages.

    I use them to take about 5 miles off of the trip into a rough area that is good.

    Make sure you are used to them and that they fit well.



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    Thumbs up

    They came in handy during my goat hunt last year. Especially when packing game back to camp.

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    Default 4 wheel drive

    Borrowed a buddys set last fall for Kodiak, cant remember the brand, but will be purchasing soon. light weight, small, and easy to carry. slip on in 2 minutes. is like shifting your boots into 4 low and given' it gas!
    mud and rocks no problem. only downfall i found was walking down hill in the afternoons after it had warmed up, the wet snow would bunch up in them and stick. had to knock them off on a regular basis. did take them off one day, went about 20 steps farther and ended up on my keester.
    dont know about the extra weight when sheep hunting, but I sure am going to take my new set this fall

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    Stubai 6-point cramp-on's.

    I've done sheep and goat hunts without them and gotten away with it, and I've done sheep and goat hunts where I would not have gotten away with it...

    I now take them on every mountain hunt. Not negotiable. It's an insurance policy and boost of confidence on steep, wet grass or ice.

    I prefer Stubai because of the way you can alter it for a perfect fit that will not slip.

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