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Thread: Unit 24 A/B Hiking Hunt Questions

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    Default Unit 24 A/B Hiking Hunt Questions

    This summer I have the entire month of August off and am looking to spend 2-3 weeks hiking around the Brooks Range. I am planning on driving up the Haul Road to somewhere between Pump Station 5 and Coldfoot and then heading west in to the mountains.

    I have a great backpack & frame I picked up from Barney's a few years ago and can easily carry 90+ lbs in it. I am in very good shape and have been on many unguided drop-off hunts around the state including the Western Brooks.

    I plan on starting from the road because then I know I can get back out the way I came (i.e. not have to cross any major rivers that are too risky, etc).

    The trip is mainly going to be a backpacking trip but I do plan to hunt in the second half of the trip as I begin to head back towards the road (mainly to avoid meat spoilage). I plan on being well outside the 5-mile corridor with my .300 H&H when I start hunting and will plan to take three trips from the kill-site to the road to get the meat out and then the rest of the gear I bring.

    I am going to bring a sat-phone and a GPS for safety as well.

    Now that I've given a background of my plan I have a few questions:

    1.) Are there any places to park a truck that are out of the way or would it best to park at Coldfoot and hitchhike south? Or any other ideas as I plan on doing this alone.

    2.) I know I can hunt sheep, wolf, bear, & caribou (although I'd be surprised to see very many this far south in August) as a harvest hunt, but what kind of numbers of sheep are in this area? Also, would there be wolves up in these parts?

    3.) Are there any major oversights I am making in my plan that I need to take in to consideration?

    Thanks in advance for any input!


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    Default Hiking/Hunting Trip

    I have never done a trip like this, but I have considered it a couple times. You may want to post this question on Larry's site as well I know many guys check this out too, but just to be safe I would post there also. May want to contact Buck Nelson also for he just did a trip similar to this and he would be very knowledgeable about this kind of venture... Good Luck, Sorry I wasn't a great help, but this may get you in the right direction... I think thats bucks address as well

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    Default Whats your main Quarry?

    If you are mainly going for sheep or bou, then you will want to be well north of coldfoot...however theres is a dilemma here, when you are at coldfoot, and head north you can't go 5 miles west to hunt because you would be in "Gates of The Arctic National Park" unless you hunt Bow only along the corridor along the east side of the "parks" border, And F&G there at Coldfoot will show you the borders...however you can go East as far as you want to go. If you go about 12 miles pass Wiseman intersect, then another 5 miles or so after the Dietrich River bridge you will come up to a trail or dirt road on the Rt.( just south of the Private Linda Creek air strip) there is a trail you could drive, find a pullout and park then hike the rest of the way about 20-plus miles to Chandalar lake (about a 2-3 day hike) you will be in Sheep country, look at some Topos it will give you an idea. I have seen a few trucks there so you probably won't be alone, but its not as bad as Roche Mountainee on opening some research and good luck...there now everyone can take note of this info.


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