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    Question Maps

    Well, sat down tonight to start working on my hunt up north. I was wondering which maps everyone uses to plan their activities? I am using the Alaska Gazetteer, Milepost, and my Mapsource CD. I am a little disappointed in some of the features that are missing on the Gazetteer and the Mapsource. Such as pumpstations, certain camps, etc. Not sure why they don't have these things. The Milepost has the stuff but cross referencing it to the Mapsource is a little challenging. Don't exactly remember having these issues last year and I believe I used the exact same information. Anyone got any great maps with lots of details they like to use? Eric

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    Default I use TOPO

    The topo program that is put out by national geographic. Pretty nice and you can really customize it. Get it at sportsmans warehouse.

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    Default Alaska Pacific University

    I was just in there today picking up some navigational charts. They have EVERYTHING and the maps aren't outrageously priced. Good, quality maps too.

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