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Thread: "Hunting Hard... In Alaska"

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    Default "Hunting Hard... In Alaska"

    I just got done reading book one and I have to say that it was a wonderful read. Marc, the last few pages and the wisdom that you share are worth the whole book. Maybe its just because it may be easier for one Marine to understand another in just a little different manner but the book strikes a cord that is difficult to discribe. I look forward to reading book two. The family and I are comming in April and I hope that we get the time to stop by to meet you. I would recommend this book to anyone that every thinks about hunting in that great outdoors of Alaska!!

    Semper Fi

    P.S. I may have to get you to show this jarhead a few pointers when we get moved

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    Wow. Pleasantly surprised to find something like this, Tom. Thanks for making my day.
    Book Two is quite a departure from the first, and I'm sure you'll pull something from that as well.



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