Part 1 for bears.

My boys and I have been baiting for three years now. The first two years were a bust and last year we had one small bear we made real fat. I have two boys 11 and 9 and it really made them crazy last year when I would not let them shoot the bear. When I say small I'm talkin turn the barrel up put the lid on and you would have had room to spare. That being said we saw a bear and that was a plus. This year I would really like them to see several bears and get a chance to harvest their first animals. We live in Fairbanks and I would like to get some spots that you guys think are good. We put alot of time into it and like the work involved but like I said I would like to see them close the deal if we can. I keep telling them its not about the kill but when they put in the work they have I kind of start to feel bad. Don't need your honey holes just a place to see more than one small bear. PM me, phone call, smoke signals, don't care just some help.

Part 2 for bears.

In the fall we did chicken ridge for caribou, had fun lots of people . Met some really good folks with kids on thier first hunt and after a little shooting practice they got thier first bou's. My boys will be shooting this year and are looking foward to it. I on the other hand would like a grizzly. I have read some post about places to ride into in 13 that have good bear numbers that fead on carcasses of caribou shot over there. It would give us a new place to see and also work out with me returning caribou meat from chicken to home and then go back out hunting. Again I will be watching the sky for the puffs of smoke and thanks for the help.

my boys
(Brandon and Clay) <--- future packers