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    I just got a crazy idea that I might get bored and take a crack at heading out towards OTZ to chase a 'bou. Does anyone have any suggestions in terms of air taxis and and estimate of how much they are getting for drop offs?

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    Wouldn't it be better to call some of the transporters there and get a real figure, instead of hearsay.
    Call Haggeland Aviation in Kotz and ask for Eric. That's a good place top start.
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    I know that when I looked into it it was around 2k a person with ~100 lbs of gear.

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    It depends who you go with. Some air charters such as Mavrik Air charge a set fee to drop you off somewhere and bring you back with up to two caribou. Eric Sieh at Hageland charges you per hour for up to 800lbs per load. I used Mavrik in 2004, Eric in 2005 and will be using Eric again this year.


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