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    Default Hard To Construction

    I put a new hard top on the old tub last year and several people have asked for specifics on cost, construction and all of that. I have promised for months to put something together and have finally done that. I do not know for sure how much weight it added. Attached is a link to a slide show that shows start to finish if it will open for you. Ignore the "Koyukuk moose" label as I forgot to change the header from another show. Right click on the show and select full screen then hit "loop all".

    Goals for new hard top-
    • Added comfort for the aging
    • Dryer and warmer
    • Ability to standup and drive for good visibility without sticking head out in driving rain or salt spray
    • Greatly increased visibility
    • Controllable ventilation
    • Increased head clearance and more storage inside up high
    • Sturdy enough for standing up top to spot moose or recreate & hauling capabilities
    • Versatile enough to cover all uses – Hunting, fishing, sightseeing, recreating in general

    Karold’s Welding – Fairbanks – Highly recommended
    Hard Top Welding Specifications: $4000
    • Removal of existing windshield
    • 8’ length of aluminum cab with sides straight up and down with 45 degree angle on top 8” of front
    • 6’6” head clearance to actual top
    • Holes for 2 horizontal sliders on the sides – tops minimum 5’6” in height
    • Hole for vertical slider in front door and 2 front windshield holes – tops minimum 5’10” in height
    • 2 other side windows holes
    • Top – flat for storage and strong enough to dance on
    • Top rack 10” high on front and 5” high on sides – Same material as existing railing

    Bows for Canvas Top: $350
    • Frame from front of motor cover to back of top
    • Open on sides for access
    • Diamond plate on side access

    Custom Canvas – Fairbanks – Highly recommended
    Canvas camper top: $2700
    • Top Gun Material
    • Enclose welded aluminum framing with back in front of motor
    • 2nd top from motor cover back – no poles or bracing to interfere with fishing out the back of the boat

    The rest:
    • 2 side horizontal sliding windows – Seaport glass – I sent them the template and they shipped them ready to drop in including bug screens – Total cost – $567.26
    • 1 vertical sliding window – Freeman Marine – I sent them the template and they shipped it ready to drop in including bug screens – Total cost – $345.36
    • 4 remaining windows installed locally in Fairbanks – looking for receipt but around $300
    • Camoclad deluxe vinyl kit - $386.94
    • 6 led interior lights – Ebay - $60
    • 2 AM Equipment pantograph windshield wipers – roughly $300
    • Miscellaneous stainless hard wear, wire looms etc. - $100 est.
    • 2 Striker Golight remote control searchlights – Ebay - $371 – (Not installed yet)
    • Digital 529-VW 8’ VHF Antennae from Iboats - $100 plus shipping

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    Default Thanks

    Thanks for the post. I am looking at doing the same thing.


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    Default Nice!!

    Very very impressive. Looks like you spent alot of time thinking about all of the details. I can't wait.

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    That was an awesome video! Thanks for sharing!!!


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