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Thread: Good ATV mechanic at fair price??

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    Default Good ATV mechanic at fair price??

    Looking for a good "shadetree" type ATV mechanic to do standard fliud change on a Yamaho Grizzly and look at the reverse that is acting up. Anyone know of a good guy to go to? Do not want to go to the Yamaha dealer and lose my shorts! Thanks a lot.

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    jbbang, why don't you buy a manual and do it yourself, that way you know it is done right. Changing fluids should be a simple task but I'm not to sure about the reverse problem. Try posting this on the website too, there are a few that ride Grizzlies that could be of some assistance.

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    Try Alaska mobile atv repair in Eagle river, I had him repair an arctic cat crank a few years ago and was happy with the service, he did a good job at a good price.


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