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Thread: Nikon Buckmaster scopes

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    Default Nikon Buckmaster scopes

    I'm looking at buying a nikon buckmaster 4.5x14x40 BDC scope. They look pretty clear in sportsmans warehouse but I know when you get a scope out in the field, alot changes. Anyhow use on of these. I have a leupold on my other rifle and never had any issues but they are getting expensive. How does the bustmaster work in low light conditions? Any input appreciated. Thanks

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    I have three Buckmasters. Two 3-9s and a 4.5-14x 40mm. I think they're great scopes for the money. IMO optics are better than a Leupold VX II and they cost much less.

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    thanks for the input, I guess it is worth a shot, I have never heard anyone say anything bad about them. Hope I am not one of those guys saying "I should of stuck with leupold!!!"

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    Default I just bought one.

    I just bought a Nikon Buckmaster for my Rem. Model 7 .308 a few months ago as the Tasco scope I had on there before had fogged up in my a few times with conditions were less than stellar and was looking for something that was actually waterproof. I sighted it in and also had my .338 with a VXII 3X9 40mm and honestly could not see the difference between the two. Seems like a great value scope no complaints as of yet.

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    awesome, well I hope I have the same luck.


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