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Thread: Snomads Fun Run (Homer)

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    Default Snomads Fun Run (Homer)

    Just throwing this out there as a reminder and to give you guys/gals something to consider.

    The Homer Snomads is doing there big fundraiser Saturday, March 1st. It's a Fun Run raffle. You have six check you have to drive to. The trail is marked really well so if you are new to the area it's a great time to see some new country. At the end of the day they have burgers and hot dogs for everybody. The drawing is done on site so you can take your big cash prize home that day.

    If you have been wanting to explore some new country or just do something new with the family come on down. I'd be happy to explain more if you're interested.

    They have more info on their site:

    If you can make it, it's a lot of fun. The proceeds from the event go to the club. The club works hard at getting legal easements into the backcountry. It's a worthwhile event.

    If you have more direct questions let me know and I'll answer what I can.

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    Default Who's going to do the Snomads Fun Run?

    Putting this back up top as a reminder again.

    For those that enjoy having trails to get into the backcountry, we could sure use your support. Bring along family and friends. See you there.

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    Default Thanks for the support.

    Thanks to all that showed up for this fundraising event. Over 200 people participated. The weather was terrific and the snow was great.

    For those that missed that event we have the fundraiser Ice Fishing tournament this Saturday March 8th.


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