Leupold's B&C reticle seems to offer quick-sighting convenience with two sets of preset aiming points, ...for a price. Here's description from Cabela's:
Leupold Boone and Crockett Reticle
The Boone and Crockett Reticle has a steady taper down to each fine 100-yard-increment aiming point. For cartridges similar in performance to the .270, the first two aiming points represent 300 and 400 yards. The next mark down indicates 450 yards and the top of the picket is your 500-yard aiming point. System can be calibrated for longer-range cartridges. 10-mph wind-drift reference. Two power settings instantly readjust reticle for a different load.

Although this feature sounds useful, the gain seems limited when shooting one load only during an extended field outing. With time, practice and patience, it looks like turret adjustments can be learned on other scopes and become automatic. The B&C reticle feature takes $480 (or more) - compared to other, otherwise comparable (better?) performing scopes readily available at discounted prices (such as, Bushnell Elite 4200/Firefly reticle (suggested by Jack Morgan-thanks), $400 (Able Ammo), $300 (CameraLand). The recommended Bushnell looks like a proven winner.

I wonder if the B&C reticle offers some significant advantage that I've just overlooked? Thanks.