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Thread: Owl sightings

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    Default Owl sightings

    Last night right at dark I saw a Great Horned Owl fly across my yard and land in a tree right on the edge of my lot. Very cool! :D It wasn't close enough or light enough for a picture, but it was really neat to watch its silouette against the darkening sky.

    I've probably only seen 20 or so owls in all my years here, and that's only my 2nd great horned. Does anyone else have cool owl experiences to share?

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    Had a pair hanging around the house this winter. Sitting in a tree hooting.
    They haven't been around since it got cold. They are neat to see and hear.

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    last fall late septeber i was camping at the russian river for a week. There was a couple of mornings there would be a pair of them in the trees right around camp. There were chatting back and forth and it is amazing how quiet it gets when they are around. Every squirrel shut up for a while. They were just stunning and a pleasure to wake up to
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    When living in Cantwell we had a couple living in a tree in our yard. Man are those things loud!!! Also seen some little tiny owls (10-12") back behind the house in Cantwell also. Very cool to see owls!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian M View Post
    ......I've probably only seen 20 or so owls in all my years here, and that's only my 2nd great horned......
    I find that amazing. I interact with owls often, and horned owls regularly.

    We had one hanging around the house this past fall/early winter. We were rather concerned about the cat.

    ....Does anyone else have cool owl experiences to share?
    My favorite is when I was grading a gravel road with a grader and stopped for a break. Went into the woods to answer nature's call.

    While doing my business up against a rather large tree I was looking around, and for some reason, tipped my head and looked straight up.

    Within a dozen feet was a grey owl on a branch looking down at me. He was huge.

    I finished my business, put things away, and walked away. That owl just pierced me with his/her eyes.

    He/she was not afraid of me at all.

    I was impressed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hunt_ak View Post
    .........Also seen some little tiny owls (10-12") back behind the house in Cantwell also........
    While running a brush cutter along an airport runway I had all kinds of predators come around catching mice in the newly short brush. I'd have coyotes hunting in sight, even though I was running a tractor at full throttle.

    Those little owls simply wouldn't leave. I'd run right up to them with the tractor at full throttle and brush-hog mowing. They'd just stand there. I'd throttle down, throw out the PTO, and get off the tractor. I'd walk right up to those little owls. They wouldn't move. They'd just stand there and look at me.

    They weren't afraid of me.

    I ran across a falconer at Chitina once. He had a red tailed hawk there, and was teaching it to hunt. I talked with him at length. He gets lots of "recuperation work" with predatory birds from ADFG.

    He told me that owls were the meanest creature to walk the face of Earth. They fear nothing.

    I believe him.

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    Where I hunt moose I sit in a large tree branch shaped like a open palm about 16' up. Couple years ago while glassing for moose I noticed a Horned Owl in a nearby tree. I had seen him in camp 'bout twenty minutes earlier.

    This time were just kind of staring at each other, except me in my binos getting a up close and detailed veiw of him, quite spectacular. Then it takes flight and does a lap around my tree and back to its perch, I thought to myself how weird that was, then again. I began to think that the owl had nested in our tree since the previous hunting season and wanted me out, but now back at its perch after several flybys im settling back in. Im back to glassing and after 10 min hear the bird take flight so I pan across to the owl to realize its coming right at me, I flinch to wave my arm and something jumps off my leg. I look down the tree trunk and there is a ermine staring up at me with a "oh chit" look on his face and scurries into a nearby rotten log. Some pretty cool things happen when you get out off the beaten path.

    Thanks for bringing it up, hadn't thought abpout that for awhile.

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    Default Of Mice and Men

    I have a friend that works at the Bird TLC center in Anchorage. She invited my wife and me over to check out a snowy owl that she was rehabilitating. The owl was in a large mew in her back yard and she invited us into enclosure. Now I am a big guy, a life-long Alaskan, and have spent numerous hours in the bush, and ain’t never been afraid of no stinking bird…….. until I stepped into that mew.

    That bird was as tall as a bald eagle but bulkier. It just sat there looking at me with those HUGE yellow eyes and a ticked off look on its face. “Looking at me” is not right; glaring at me - no not right either; staring at me with an intensity that sent a shiver down my spine – no still not right; staring at me with an intensity that ripped the spine right out of my body (that’s just about right). My friend (all 110 lbs of her) walks up to the bird’s side and reaches out and strokes its breast. She then offers to let me do the same, just after she tells me that it “should be ok” as long as approach the bird from the side just as she did (she was still in the process of getting it used to being handled). All and all a very cool bird and experience. To this day I still wonder what it would have been like to touch it. But on the bright side, I still have all my fingers.

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    This past fall I had a hawk owl follow me when I was riding my 4 wheeler down a trail. I stopped and glassed for moose and each time he would fly to a tree above my head. That owl followed me for over 2 miles from tree to tree.

    My other memorial experience with owls was last April I flew to South Carolina to visit my brother and dad. We took my brother's motor home to the Edisto River where he has some land in a swamp along the river. The great horned owls were cussing each other out for hours on end. By this I mean they were seemingly trying to out vocalize one another. That was really cool while we were sitting around the campfire drinking a cup of coffee and catching up on life's events.


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