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Thread: Homer Boat Rentals?

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    Default Homer Boat Rentals?

    Does anyone know if there is a boat rental place in Homer? Would like to try some halibut fishing on my own but don't have boat.
    Thanks for any information you can share,


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    Greg - I tried hard to find a boat to rent in Homer last year. As of last summer, there is no business that does so in Homer. That being said, there was a woman who lives in Eagle River who was offering her boat for rent on Craigslist for $300/day. Considering the price of takign 4-6 people on a charter, that was a steal of a deal.

    Anyhow, we reserved the boat for two days and went down to Homer. Unfortunately, on the day before our rental one of her friends had the boat out and the outboard went kaput. She replaced it, but it was too late for us to use it last summer. I haven't talked to her since September, but as long as she's still around we're planning on using the boat this coming summer. I don't have her contact info on hand, but I'll certainly post a report when/if we get to use the rental boat. It's a bit of a funky design, but it is 30' long and looked plenty seaworthy.


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