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    I am taking a trip to the Kenai in latter July of this year. I realize that the lodge will supply gear for fishing but, I really enjoy using my own tackle and would like to bring a minimum outfit. I will of course augment this kit by using lodge gear whenever required. I plan on taking three rod/reel combinations and wonder if they will be useable for some general Kenai fishing. I don't want to lug a combination to Alaska that I will not use.

    7' Loomis casting rod rated for 10-20# with 2 Ambasadeur reels one with 10# and the other with 20#

    7' Penn spinning rod rated for 8-15# with a Shimano reel and 1 spool of 8# and another of 12#

    9.5' 7-wt St. Croix fly rod with large arbor reel and multi-tip 7-wt Rio line

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    I would use the lodges fishing rods for Kings from a boat. Typically, your looking at 8 - 9 ft rods, and reels spooled with 30lb mono or 80lb braid. Your own gear can be used to fish for Reds from the bank. I would bring to outfits a fly rod, spinning, or baitcasting reel spooled with 15lb -20lb mono. I prefer using a fly rod to flip for reds. Pink salmon will also be starting to show up.

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    Your Loomis rod with 20# would be minimum for sockeye fishing, your Fly rod also, however a 7 wt is great for the rainbow fishing in the middle and upper Kenai, however they will not quite be up to full speed for rainbow fishing quite yet... nevertheless, should be some good fishing to be had on the Kenai.

    None of your rods as stated would stand up to a king with an attitude. You would likely break the line if not the rod. Nevertheless, I have landed kings with a Loomis STR-1025 and Ambassadeur C3 with 15# test while fishing silvers, but it is definitely a challenge.

    From a guide's perspective, particularly for king fishing, I would prefer that you use my gear becasue I know it, it is finely tuned, drag is preset, I know the condition of the line, and if the rod breaks, that's the unfortunate cost of doing business... if your rod breaks, well that's a different story. You don't get a lot of chances at large kings, so I would recommend using the absolute best possible equipment that is available to you.

    Good luck

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    perfect selection, you could leave the spinning rod home if you wanted but a backup is always good
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    just wait til you get here, then go to trustworthy hardware and fishing... no reason to bring it with you, buy it there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by markw3 View Post
    just wait til you get here, then go to trustworthy hardware and fishing... no reason to bring it with you, buy it there.
    Amen brother, Amen!

    Best selection and best prices on the stuff you NEED for fishing on the Kenai Peninsula.
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