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Thread: Cabelas alaskan tent floor liner

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    Default Cabelas alaskan tent floor liner

    I want to get a floor liner for my Cabelas alaskan 4 man tent, but I want one that is not going to let water in, which one shuold I use:

    1. Eliminate the hassle or worry of tracking mud into your Alaskan Guide Tent with this removable, 210-denier oxford nylon interior floor. The floor quickly attaches to the interior corners, and it makes for easy clean up. Just take it out, shake it off and wipe it down. Imported.

    2. Protect the floor of your Alaskan Tent from rocks, twigs, debris and moisture with this tough 6mm polyethylene floor saver. It is pre-cut to match the floor shape for 4-, 6- or 8-person models so they fit perfectly underneath your tent.


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    Default in or?

    outside. I have an older alaskan tent and water comes up thru the bottom....pisses me off. I think Im going to buy a large tarp and cut footprint out for underneath. Tell you the truth if not too expensive Id get both of them. That way you have a choice for when dry camping or wet.
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    Default Tyvek

    For something cheap, lightweight, waterproof and did I say cheap. Use Tyvek, cut it to size is very cheap usually easy to find. It is used in industry as coveralls for chemical splash and for protection when removing asbestos, etc.

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    #2 is nothing but visquine (sp?) cut to fit your floor. I was disappointed because I already had visquine on hand. I utilize it every time I pitch the tent, however.


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    Default I use both

    I have both of them for my tent and I have never had water come in the tent. The interior one is designed to keep the tent floor clean, while the one underneath is used to keep water out. If you are set on getting one I would say #2 would be the ticket. Also, I agree 100% with what Taylor said about using visquine.


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