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Thread: Moose tactics

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    Question Moose tactics

    Ill be hunting moose next fall in a river valley about 100 miles long and 5 miles wide next fall In southeast alaska. Ill be in the lower 40 miles of the drainage. The moose population is primarily spikes forkes and paddle bulls without brow tines. Hunting pressure in the good swamps and sloughs in this area can be potentially a little heavy depending on the weather. But at times there can be a decent number of animals. How should I be hunting these less mature bulls before and during the rut? Ive hunted the interior north of chicken area but this is a totaly different ball game. What kind of calls can I use so I dont run them out. I scared a decent paddle bull probly in the 40 inch range off one time by be too agressive with cow a call. I want to try some calling but dont want to scare them off.


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    Default Wow!

    This hunt sounds like a blast!

    I would recommend cow calls after the 10th of September, but as you suggested, be careful not to overdo it. Those little guys might be afraid of a big bull, but they're inexperienced enough that they are still curious. I think you have the right idea with the cow calls. You might consider some softer calls at first, then wait a couple of hours. Follow with projected calls, using a megaphone. I'd avoid the megaphone at first, to avoid startling bulls that may be nearby. Lots of ways to work this, and moose are usually pretty forgiving critters when it comes to calls.

    Sounds like you may not have any elevation from which to glass. Have you considered a tree stand? You might look at setting one up on the edge of a meadow or bog.

    Keep us in the loop! This sounds like a really fun hunt.


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    Magnum, agree with Mike and recommend scraping with a scapula or megaphone, but not aggressively, just mild thrashing or scraping, no grunts. We've pulled in cows with this who seem to be curious and want to check it out, if so, the small bull might follow. That early in the year our experience is cows are followed by smaller bulls in the size range you're looking for. I too have managed to scare off bulls by being too aggressive with a megaphone cow call. On the contrary, I've called in smaller bulls with cow calls, but not with a megaphone, just pinching my nose... The younger ones seem ready to go earlier than the heavyweights. If you spot cows, most likely there will be a younger bull nearby. You'll also want to simply watch the terrain, I got a spike one year by waiting over the right pond where there were lots of track, he came out to browse on the greener shoots at the pond's edge. Good nutrition there.

    Best of luck.--


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