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Thread: Family Fishing Boat??

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    Default Family Fishing Boat??

    I'd like some input on boat selection! I need a fishing boat that can handle the waters of SE Alaska and will also be suitable for family outings like tubing. I will likely only get to AK. once a year due to the distance from home and need one that can be trailered. I'd also like to be able to spend a night or two on the boat. Boats like the Hewescrafter Pacific Sport are the type of boat that has caught my eye. Does a family fishing boat exist?

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    There are lots of pilothouse sport fishers that also double as small family cruisers. Around Juneau you see lots of SeaSports, Ospreys, C-Dorys and Bayliners, to name a few of the more popular glass boats. On the aluminum side, Hewescrafts and NorthRivers seem to be quite poplular around here.

    Just google these brands to get an idea of what's available.


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