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    Hey Gang,

    How long have you kept your sourdough starter going? Mine has been active and healthy for about a year now. I received it as a gift from a family that received it from another family and so on......

    This stuff is great.

    This is what I had for breakfast.
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    Yeah, sourdough is awesome. We have a start that we've had going for several years, I think about 15. It has died and been resurrected a couple of times. We dry some on waxed paper and store it in a jar in case we need it. Sourdough is interesting stuff. We've had up to three starts going at the same time and they're all different.

    I have heard more people tell me their start dates back to the 1880's gold rush days. Too funny.
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    I started mine 2 years ago. It seemed to take about a year for it to really get that good sourdough flavor. If we keep it going long enough, I'll give starts to my kids some day.

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    I received starter from my mother and she got hers in 1968, the year I was born, from a fellow USAF wife while stationed in the lower 48. My mom thinks this lady had it for at least several years prior. Pancakes at mom's every Saturday morning.
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