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    Default Cz .458

    I've heard that there are feeding problems with the (long) cz action and the (short) .458 catridge , any truth to this ? Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by logman View Post
    I've heard that there are feeding problems with the (long) cz action and the (short) .458 catridge , any truth to this ? Thanks
    I don't know of any. I have used the 458 Win and the Lott and haven't had problems feeding. The 458 Win with the 500 grain bullet is quite long and the action is 375 H&H length so that isn't such a difference. The Lott case is cut short of the H&H length to allow the 500 grains crimped at the cannelure, stay in the max COAL and that seems to go ok.

    The actions are rough and need to be slicked up but once that claw gets hold, just push and even the blunt nosed bullets will go home.
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    Default CZ 550 and .458

    I did an extensive workup of the 458 Win Mag in the CZ and Win Model 70 before going to Africa. I wound up increasing the overall length of the round to Lott length (3.6") and had no problems. At that length with a standard 458 case there is less contact of the bullet with the case,but with longer bullets as the Barnes TSX and Banded Solids, there was plenty and their cannular grooves provided good crimping. Lee factory crimper used.

    If you want to try this, use Varget powder. For Barnes 500 grain TSX and Banded use 80 grains Varget and CCI250 or Fed 215 primers. If you try any shorter bullet, such as Hornady, you can use 83 grains. Velocity is 2200 fps. If you go with 80 grains of Varget and short bullets, velocity is 2150 fps. I have used these with a CZ 550, Winchester 70 Safari Express and Ruger #1... all with very good accuracy and similar point of impact for each rifle. No pressure problems but please do work up the loads in a safe fashion.

    I wound up with Barnes in 450 grains for Africa... using H4198 and Benchrest... H4198 gave 2150 out the muzzle (much like a Jeffrey 404) and Benchrest at 2450 fps (Mr. Hyde versus Dr. Jekyll)... all to same point of impact for solids and softs! Hodgdon Extreme powders lessened risk of temperture/pressure problems.

    Of course a simple "cleanup" with a Lott reamer and a CZ 550 in 458 is an instant Lott.


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