I just thought it would be nice to let everyone know about a problem I had.
My sled kept wanting to steer to the right. Then I did some research on
aligning my skis. I tried doing this several times thinking I wasn't doing
it right. Each time coming up with the same results.... I think this is
called insanity.......... Anyway, getting frustrated I went down to the
local shop where the guys are very friendly and informative and ask the guy
for some expert advice. I told him that my sled steers to the right even
after doing several alignments. He immediately stated 2 things, either the
shock was worn but if it sat even then it wasn't that, or you should check
your carbide ski runners for a bend. So I ride the thing home and tip it on
its side with the right ski in the air I peered at the runner and low and
behold there was a prominent "S" in the runner. So back down with the runner
in hand and said, " I'm not sure if the was the problem' and we both
Moral of the story if your sled is not tracking strait, check your