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Thread: Hunting and Fishing in Alaska?

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    Default Hunting and Fishing in Alaska?

    Im in the army and i am moving to Ft. Richardson in March.
    i am originally from Alabama and i am an avid hunter and excited about the move. I am curious about the hunting and how easy it can be done without a guide.Also what it will cost for a tag or license and how much land is open to the public. I would also like the same information for fishing as well. Any information will help. Thanks, Kevin

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    I am also in the Army, Fort Wainwright. The rules up here are different and fees will change as the amount of time you are here changes. Too much to list this way. Shoot me an email or PM and we can exchange AKO addresses. I can provide a lot of info about hunting and fishing (I do most of my Salmon fishing near Fort Rich). I can tell you, there is PLENTY of land to hunt. Army land alone is at 1 million plus acres and that is a drop in the bucket compared to all the land available. Look forward to hearing from you. I also have info about boat and camper entals out of Fort Rich.


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    Default First

    First obtain a copy of the regulations and read them. Then read them again with a highlighter and mark "Anything" that you do not understand clearly. Take some time and take the book over to the Fish and Game office on College Blvd. and ask questions about the areas you highlighted.

    Yes you might loose an hour of your time, but probably not $300 from your wallet.

    Next, ask us here on the forums. You will get an answer.

    Good luck and thank you for your service to our country.

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    In general terms there's a lot going on most of the year, but the more specific your interests and regional limits, the more you are going to have to work and plan. If you're as happy fishing through the ice for trout as bending over a boat rail for halibut, you'll be a happy camper. If on the other hand your heart is set on a kind salmon over 50 pounds, better get as detailed info as possible and start planning early.

    Same goes for hunting. Be aware that numerous big game species require guides or close relative hosts for non-residents. It's all spelled out in the regs. But as with fishing, if you're as happy popping bunnies and ptarmigan as chasing moose, you'll hardly have enough hours in your days.

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    Here is the fish and game web site:
    There is lots of information on there beyond the regs. Where in Alabama? I am from Blount county.
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