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    Default 22 autoloaders

    I am well versed in the Ruger MKII 22 pistol. What about the rest?

    I would like to hear some opinions on the S&W 22A, Beretta Neos and the Browning Buckmark or other sub $500 22 autoloaders!

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    Not specific to your request other than to assure you that you're on the right track, in addition to the MKII I also own a S&W 41, Colt Woodsman and a Hi Standard target gun (don't remember the model right offhand). While the others are really nice, they don't seem to shoot any better than my beat up old MKII.

    Someone on here (maybe more than one?) is really high on the Buckmark, but I don't have any experience with it or the others. I'm betting that if they function reliably, you won't be unhappy with them.

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    I have owned the 22A. It was a decent gun, pointed well, nice sights, fairly accurate. It wore like crap though. That finish was really prone to scratches and rubbing. Its also kind of heavy. But for the money not a bad gun.

    For your price range I would recomend finding a used Smith and wesson 422. Those guns are real sleepers. Nice triggers, accurate and dont look too goofy. They can be found in good shape pretty often for around 3 bills. check online auctions. There is actually a couple of nice ones on there right now.

    Ive said it before and Ill say it again. The search ends with the model 41. You can find decent deals on them once in a blue moon, but they are worth the normal 700-800 used price. Last I checked at sportsmans they were hitting the 1k mark. OUCH!

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    We have a new rim fire shooting league starting in the area and a couple of nice young guys without a lot of $ are inquiring.

    I've basicly shot nothing other than the MKI's and MKII's for ever. The Rugers are very easy to smith on and Volquartsen has the the stuff to do em up right. I own 4 of them and ain't willing to part with any of them.

    There are three guys at the range that shoot the S&W 41 and they swear by them. However when they are stuck in a vice thus the shooter error factor removed then my MKII competition target out shoots all three 41's. This particular MKII is exactly as it came from the factory.

    The problem is that Ruger did the shooting fraternity and themselves a disservice when they opted to go to the MKIII. I won't buy a MKIII and won't recommend them to anyone else. Obviously I'm not the only one thinking that. It seems that the MKII's are getting harder to find on the auction websites and they are bringing premium prices when you do come across a good one. So that brings us to the purpose of this alternative to obvious best two target plinkers, the Smith 41 and the MKII.

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    Default Walter P-22

    Everyone I know who has shot one loves it. They are probably not as accurate as a S&W 41 but are a lot less expensive and more available.
    I'ld try to rent one at a range and see if it fullfilled my requirements.
    It is available in different barrel lengths .
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    My S&W 2206 would be the last of all my guns that I would part with.
    You know you aren't really having fun until you ask yourself -how much is this going to cost me?

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    Thumbs down MKIII Cheap gun

    I'm not a competition shooter, I bought a MKIII for cheap (I am cheap) shooting and it or I shoot poorly. I might scare hell out of squirrel at 30 ft but if I want to hit anything I grab my 6 inch Diamondback. That is a shooter but not a comp. gun in my hands anyway. And (can you believe this) I've been told not to shoot it. Why do I own it if I cant shoot it. Years ago a friend and I, in a place far far away, North Dakota actually, shot dozens of big red squirrels with Ruger single six revolvers, I have 4. We carried a 410 backup but rarely used it and Mary cooked the best squirrel dumpling stew I've ever eaten. Those were good times.

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    In the summer of 1974 just prior to going into 10th grade I purchased a brand new Colt Diamondback.

    I was working for a farmer that summer, bailing hay, weeding beans or whatever for $2.00/hour. 150 hours into the summer and I had enough money to buy the little Colt. My next paycheck bought a holster. I was set.

    25 years later a faulty electrical wiring job consumed my brand new home. I found the Diamondback a week later in the basement buried in 2ft of wet ashes, soot and whatever chemical crap they sprayed trying to put the fire out. Up to that point I had told my wife and 4 kids that we were all together and safe and that was all that mattered. All of the materialistic stuff could be replaced. I gotta admit the only time I shed a tear through out the whole ordeal was when I found my ruined little Diamondback cuz nothing was going to replace it. Still hasn't!

    I suppose the Single Sixes are ok . They just don't fit my broad hands for shucks!


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