Thanks to logman and George, I learned that Buffalo Arms Co. ( might have the reproduction of the Lyman 38 receiver sight for the 1895 Winchester. I called them and learned they do not have it in stock at this time, and production is shut down to allow for production of other types of sights. There may be another production run, however. I am #49 on their backorder list. If you are looking for one of these sights, it would be a good idea to get on their list now. Each additional order increases the likelihood there will be another production run, and that you will have a sight set aside for you from the next run, instead of being out of luck, as I was, because of not knowing it was available. As far as I know, this is the only source of the correct receiver sight for your Win. Mdl. '95. The cost for the last production run was $250. If you could find one on the used market, it would be a good deal more than that. The phone number is 208-263-6953.