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Thread: Dog Food For Bear Bait

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    Default Dog Food For Bear Bait

    Can you use dog food as a stand alone bait (food) or do you have to combine it with other bait or sweet syrup in order to get the bears to eat it. I am not talking about attracting then, I am talking about feeding them.

    If you can use it as a stand alone, how many pounds a day (on average) would a person need.

    Lastly, does anyone know about powdered molasses, is actually sweet and has anyone ever used it for bear baiting.

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Alone

    I use it a lot alone. But have something else smelly maybe hanging to throw out a scent. 50 pounds first time in and then 20-25 after it starts getting hit. I DO NOT put anything on the food in the barrel. Dog food swells up quite a bit when it hits moisture and will also mold. Dry it seems to last longer without any mold.

    Some people spray with different mixtures around the bait. Sweet and smelly works for black bears. Avoid meats if you are in a brown bear area.

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    I believe I went through close to 400 lbs of dog food last year if I remember correctly. At one point, that was all that I was putting in my barrel, but I'd also do a honey burn every time I was out at the bait site.

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    Dog food works well but you can try horse feed. It is usually cheaper and for some reason it lasts longer. As far as using either alone the previous posts hit on it already; hang something smelly.

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    Default dog food

    Yep, Dog food alone is fine..............after they find it. Like these fellas say try something sweet smelling to help them find it. I put molasses on cheap cheese cloth deer game bags and throw them over nearby tree branches.

    Cheap old sacks of doughnuts work really well to help them find the food. After they do, they will come back every night between 8:30 and 9PM (still light in spring).

    I watched one brown bear eat at least 20 pounds in one sitting. Good idea about the horse food, I'll try it.

    A gallon of molasses is about $10 at sportsmans warehouse.

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    When going with dog food, go cheap. Ol' Roy from Wal Mart is about as inexpensive as they come, and it works fine. I haven't baited, but my brother and his friends ran a stand for four years. They'd start their barrel with between 100-200 pounds, and each carry in a 50 lb bag whenever they'd go to hunt. They'd take 3-4 bears off that stand each year and use in excess of 500 lbs of dog food.

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    Default bear baiting...

    Yes, we use the O'le Roy, also....with a case of cheap beer poured over it.
    ....Actually, the best attractant we have found are soiled baby diapers.....NOT the CHEAP brand, however....the diaper has to withstand the incliment ,wet weather, near the bay.... and hold it's absorbancy.
    ....the popcorn idea sounds wonderful, though....we will probably most definitely give that a try, this spring.
    Thanks for the tip!!!

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    I by a 50# bag of OL Roy. I take a bag everytime I go up there. My barrell held about 2.5 bags. I would put it in there barrell and then pur honey around the barrell. Keep it simple.
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    We tried the horse feed thing, it was actually sweet feed. Oats, mollases and whatever else. We mixed it with the dog food, the bears only ate the sweet feed as a last option. Big suprise to me, I would have thought that would have been a favorite. I wont be buying it again.

    Ol roy, a jello burn and maybe one bottle of the sports bear stuff is good enough for the first outings, once the stand is hit, dog food only.

    If I remember right 2 bags of dog food per barrel is about right. I cut back on the consuption alot by makeing just a tiny hole in the barrel. Bears really had to work to get it out.

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    I use the cheapest dog food I can find usually cosco and while I'm there I find the bbq sauce and they sell 2 big jugs together for like 6 bucks I dump the 80lbs. and the jugs of bbq sauce on top cause it puts out a hell of a smell and 2 bags of big marshmellows and left it out for a week and when I returned the next weekend it was allmost all gone and this was in 6d.


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