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Thread: Partner wanted for Aug. Kodiak Deer Hunt

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    Default Partner wanted for Aug. Kodiak Deer Hunt

    I am looking for a partner for a Do-it-yourself deer and possibly Caribou hunt on Kodiak Island. I have done this hunt 3 times previously and have a quality area in mind. I am a teacher and must squeeze this trip in before school starts in Mid August so we'd have to be there on August 1 - 12 to get plenty of hunting in. Great fishing is also available any time you want to take a break from hunting.

    I can explain all the logistics from what equipment you'll need, to gettting it all up there. I have flown with 2 excellent flight services, and have the motel and sat phone rental under control. I've hunted Alaska self-guided 7 times now as a non-resident. I am primarily a bowhunter, but do take a rifle too. My style of hunting is mostly independent but it's nice to have someone else around to split the costs and share the adventure with. I do bivy out away from camp on occasion so you would need to be comfortable with the possibility of being alone for a night or two. If you have ever dreamed about hunting Kodiak, shoot me a PM and letís talk! Here is a summary of the costs for a trip to Kodiak for fishing, deer and caribou:

    Fishing License $50 (one week)
    Hunting License $85
    Deer Tag $150
    Caribou Tag $325
    Hotel Rooms $111 (2 nights at $111 split 2 ways)
    Bush Flight $989 Last year each including meat haul, $836 without)
    Tip for pilot $100
    Phone rent & ship $75 (each, calls not included, $1.80 per minute)
    Extra baggage fees $150 (1- 50# bag going up, 2 coming back at $50 each)
    Commercial Flight $700-1000

    As you can see it will probably be a little over $3000 by the end. There would also be some meals out, taxi fare, and other incidentals. We could cut costs by eliminating caribou tag, meat haul, pilot tip, going with cheaper flight service, cutting down on baggage, etc. but my feeling is that I want to enjoy myself and Iím already paying a lot for the trip so I might as well not pinch pennies. The meat haul may be more because they were already in the area last year.

    We'll have plenty of daylight in Aug, (about 16 hours as I recall) which means more hunting time, unlike November hunts and no hunting pressure. There will likely be rain, and the deer will still be in velvet. Last year I saw 30-50 deer each day. You will have to be in great physical condition, the hills are steep and the deer don't walk through camp so be prepared to pack meat a mile or two. Most packing is downhill since the deer are up high that time of year.

    I may have to go by myself which is less than ideal, but hunting Alaska is my absolute passion and I can't stand to miss out on hunting there every year.

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    Brian, Where are you traveling from?
    thanks, gary


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