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    Default .270 help...

    Ok, I just picked up a new rifle. Its a Tikka T3 lite LH in .270 win- no its not the wsm, I debated long and hard and settled on 80+ years of history with the winchester. I am looking for ammo reccommendations...

    I have an .06 that I have always used Fed. Premium Nos Part- 180gr. as well as 150 gr. in and have been happy with both.

    What grain should I use- 130? 150?- the rifle will be used primarily for sheep, deer and maybe a goat (I haven't decided on that one yet).

    I want an accurate factory bullet that any forum folks have used and had success with...any suggestions will be appreciated.


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    Default Noslers

    I have the Tikka 270 wsm, I played alot with it at the range and found that the 140 grain noslers were the best for my gun. I wass consistantly hitting targets at 500 yds. I took it sheep hunting 2 years ago and with the elevation change chart it was a tac driver.

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    Default 270


    Good choice on the 270. I killed my ram at 420 yards with the Federal high energy 140 gr trophy bonded bullet. I aimed at the very top of the shouder, hit him just below the heart. It is a tough bullet. I also killed a nice billy mtn goat with one shot.

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    It will cost a few extra bux, but I'd let the rifle do the talking. Pick up several different brands and varieties and shoot them to see which does best.

    For your spectrum of hunts, I'd probably go with 150's, though I wouldn't feel bad if it prefered 140's.

    Based on a lot of game down with the 270 and other calibers, my fondest hope would be that my rifle really liked the Nosler Partitions. It's about the perfect compromise for a bullet that will hold together at very close range while expanding reliably at very long range. Lots of premiums will stand up at close range, but getting them to open at long range is a different matter.

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    BrownBear was spot on when he suggested that you let your rifle do the talking, I too like the 150gr in my 270.

    Here's a few flavors to try out-

    Federal Fusion
    Federal Premium-they offer a variety of premium bullets in this line of ammo.
    Remington-Corelokt Ultra
    Winchester Supreme-XP3

    For general practice I try to save a few $$ when shooting factory ammo, I find an offering in a non-premium line useing the same bullet weight-such as Winchester Power Points of Remington CoreLokt.

    Congrat's on your new rifle!

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    Default 270 Win

    Still have and still hunt with a 270 purchased in 1969.This is a garden variety 700 ADL that has seen a lot of use.Remains one of the most accurate rifles I've ever owned despite more than a 1000 full power loads throught the barrel.The action is so slick now that the bolt will fully withdraw just from gravity.It's bedded and has received many tweaks over the years.

    I'd suggest you try 130 Sciroccos and H4831 SC.My loads might be too warm for your rifle,but I load 60.5 with a CCI 250 at 3.36 OAL.This load shows 3090 over the chrono from a 22" barrel.That is over max OAL but fits the 700 magazine and the throat perfectly.

    That should settle the hash of any deer, sheep or goat you are going to find.

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    I use 130gr Hornady interbond lightmags in my 270 for sheep. Deadly and very accurate.

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    150 grain Federal Premium Nosler Partitions.

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    Brown bear and others have it right, 150 partitions are excellent for their versatility. I have handloaded 140 accubonds – very accurate and deadly on deer but I prefer the reliability of the partition for heavier game. Nosler now makes a 140 partition and I imagine that would be very good also. The classic sheep load is a 130 at around 3100 but when zeroed at 200 the difference between it and the 150 is something like 1.1 inches or meaningless! I have not tried a-frames but I would expect them to be very good . Avoid Nosler ballistic tips and similar bullets even though they are loaded in Premium ammo. They are not reliable at shorter ranges or on larger game but are very accurate for paper punching. I have used 150 partitions on moose, elk with totally reliable 1 shot kills. ( plus a coup de grace when possible) Hornady light magnum used a 140 interlock bullet which is not a premium bullet and came apart when I used them. Dead animal though, so you couldn’t say it failed.

    Just hope your rifle likes Partitions. Good luck.

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    Default 150's

    I too have the tikka .270 and it loves 150 noslers. All the deer that have been shot with it have dropped in their tracks.

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    150 noslers would be my pick, but Like brown bear said, let the gun do the talking. Whatever premium hunting bullet shot the best thats what Id use. Even 130 grainers would be fine for your primary animals.

    My Old ruger 270 doesnt like 150 grain bullets period. It will only shoot 130 interbonds loaded real long worth a dang. Actually it shoots that load very very well.

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    My two favorite deer rifles are are a 1894 marlin in 44mag for woods work and an old 700ADL in 270 for more open country. I have never had to shoot a deer twice with the 270. My load has always been a 130 grain Sierra BT spire point on top of 58 grains of IMR 4831. That is a compressed load and is also over max in many books but the pressure signs show that I am fine! I can't remember ever shooting this load through a chrony but it should be around 3100 fps.


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