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Thread: Ream my cone....?

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    Default Ream my cone....?

    Anyone out there have their forcing cone reamed lately..? I understand that 11 degrees is the way to go..? Any thoughts/suggestions will be appreciated...

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    I ream and polish all my revolvers since I shoot so much lead. Probably not an issue if all you shoot is jacketed, and maybe even hard cast. But if you're going to shoot a lot of lead and most of it not hardcast, it will greatly reduce leading. Even eliminate it altogether. I dont notice any particular increase in accuracy, but I'm not shooting bullseye matches, where it would be noticeable.

    I got the tool a long time ago from Brownells. They're not as cheap as they once were, but if you're going to be shooting lead through several guns and sticking with it forevermore, it's worth investing in your own rather than hiring someone to do it. You'll be money ahead. Haven't seen gunsmith prices recently, but at the time I bought I could get the tool for less than it cost me to hire someone else to do two guns. The tool is straight forward to use and doesn't require power, or a lathe, or anything else. Heck, you could do it sitting in your favorite chair in front of the TV.


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