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    Wow, sunday seemed a bit strange, I saw more yotes out in the open in the middle of the day than I have seen in yrs. I was taking the dog hunting for hares & on the way I saw 3 different yotes in at different locations in the open. The biggest gun we had was a 22 & went after 2. Couldn't close the gap to less than 250-300 yds on the 1st one & got to about 150 from the 2nd one but someone missed. Could be the gun as I haven't checked the scope & usually don't shoot it more than 40-50 yds at small game as it looked like the shots came up short. Anyway since they were in open areas in the daylight would it be worth going back at night ?? Thought about bringing a light & predator call back, the problem is there is really not much cover to hide in. Any thoughts or suggestions

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    THREE years I've been in search of the yote. One down by a buddy and that's it. I've called in others with no shot, but if you need a hunting buddy around the ANC area give me a shout!!!!!!!! But I have to say, chances are you won't see them again. I have a trap license and a night light though.

    This time of year they are pairing up so I might start with a bunny in distress. If that's a no go I would go with either a female invite (we all like those) or maybe a male challenge bark.

    I was close to a pack of wolves this weekend but couldn't call them in. Darn it, I think they heared me and no matter what I used for a call they would have put on the after burners anways.

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    I was talking on the phone Sunday morning and in the brush about 60 yards behind the house a nice coyote walked through. Probably going to see some snares up in there this week.

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    Mating Season.

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    I saw four of them during the fall moose season around SC in a one week period. One was black . . .


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