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Thread: New to drift boating

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    Default New to drift boating

    Just wanted to start by saying this has to be the best alaskan forum of any kind. Just registered as a member, and I have a quick question. I am thinking about buying my first drift, and I wanted to see if anyone knows of any good drifts up in my neck of the woods. I live in eagle river and spend most of my time fishing the kenai and kasilof rivers. I just wanted to know if anyone has any expirience drifting any rivers north of anchorage and a little closer to home for me. thanks for the help.

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    Eagle River would be close. The only problem would be getting the boat to and from the water. You'd have to make a hand drawn cart/trailer of some kind, as their is a 100 yard trail in most places. You could start at raft/canoe access at mile 7 on the Eagle River Road, and get out just before the Briggs Bridge (ER Loop Rd). This is a completely flat water section and the fishing is poor in all but one spot, and that is clearly marked as a no-fishing area.

    Don't go beyond Briggs Bridge unless you want some excitement.

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    Default Drift boat thoughts

    Hello Dave,

    Welcome to Outdoors Directory!

    You indicated that you have not purchased the boat yet. I would offer a caution about a drift boat purchase. I used to own one when I lived in Oregon, but opportunities here in Alaska are very limited. Most of the valley streams are too small (Willow and Little Willow) and there's not much else except parts of the Kenai and the Kasilof. If you plan on doing a lot on the Kenai and Kasilof, then you're set. There are access points on each. But if you want something you can use for a lot more areas, including fly-out trips, I'd look at an inflatable.

    The AIRE Super Puma is billed as an "Inflatable Drift Boat", and is an incredibly versatile boat. It might be wise to stop by Alaska Raft and Kayak and have a chat with Tracey Harmon. He could give you the lowdown on them.

    Best of luck!

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    Smile drifting

    The only river up north i have used my 2 person cat on is the willow. It can be a bit tricky though as there tends to be sweepers and other objects. Im lucky enough that i have learned how to row the heck out of my boat and my wife/co pilot reads the river well for me. we do use it every weekend on the kenai in the fall and use it in june and july for the reds. Sorry im not much more help up north.
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    Default Drift Boat

    I had a Aire Super Puma for 10 plus years set up like a Drift boat, very nice raft. I grew up with Drift boats & performance was great. Lots of rocker and could hold on the Kasilof better than most drift boats. Would buy another
    one. I used a canoe dolly when I drifted Eagle River gave up on fishing it.
    Liked little Willow, Kasilof, Kenai & Gulkana.

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    Default Differences

    Can someone explain what the differences are? I mean other than inflatable etc. What does a drift boat allow you to do that a raft doesn't and visa versa.



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