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    Default Snow Machine Help

    I am looking to purchase a snow machine. My intentions are something fairly cheap that i can use possibly too predator hunt, grizz in the spring, and pull the kids around behind it on their sled. I have ridden a few machines but for the most part no nothing about them. I am not interested in racing, jumping, or doing any high speed crazy driving so speed isnt a concern for me.

    I have a friend who is moving and will sell me is sled. It looks to be in great shape and I know the guy very well and he takes good care of his stuff. The sled is a:

    2000 Arctic Cat Powder Special 600
    900 miles

    on the hood it reads "600 high output lightweight twin"
    on the side it reads "Powder Special 2K"
    on the rear it reads "fastrack long travel system FTT"

    looking at a price of between $1500-$1800

    Any thoughts on this machine and the price are appreciated. Seems like a pretty good deal to me.

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    Default ok

    lets see where to start. Well after reading your first paragraph, I wouldn't have recommended that sled. BUT, if the sled is in good shape as you say, it's not a bad deal. the price is in the ball park. that sled will do 70mph.
    is it light, not really. Those are great sleds, just not sure it will do what YOU want, and will ask of it.
    I would recommend a ski-doo tundra or skandic, or yamaha bravo. They are light, inexpensive, good work sleds. They don't go fast, but you can tow with them all day long. They are simple to work on, and there isn't all that much that goes wrong with them.

    If I remember right, that powder special is Batteryless EFI, which is a pretty good system, but it is electronic, so if something goes there, then it could get expensive fast.

    I am a ski-doo guy, but have two good friends that are artic cat riders, and really like them. One of them has the same model but in 500cc, and it is a great sled.
    hope this helps
    hopefully someone who owns one will chime in

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    Default Good Sled

    I have a 99 Powder Special 600 EFI. It is batteryless. It is a fun sled for playing in the powder. It works well to tow my kids on their sled. It does not work well for towing a sled to drag out a bear, moose etc. I towed a sled ice fising last year and it was a big mistake. The sled was not made to tow. The sled was hard on the rear bumper and cost me about $70.00 bucks to replace it. If you want to play and not work, I recommend the sled.

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    I had a 1998 Powder Special 600 EFI LE. By 1999 Arctic Cat worked out the problems with the tunnel (took a beating in the Iron Dog race). It is a fast machine. If you put a true hitch on it, it tows like a dream...I have towed 600 pounds of stuff at 50 MPH with this machine on smooth lakes without any problem. Price is in the ball park...for a first machine it is nice. Did I say its a fast machine
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    Nothing wrong with that machine at all. I agree it is a fair price.

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    Default AC

    I know nothing about Artic Cats so I cant speak towards the Powder Specials but is sounds like the price is right. If you going to be sticking to trails I think it work fine for you. I ride a old Tundra and its not fast, it really all that comfortable to ride. But it goes and goes. It pulls a sled great and floats great. Its light enough that I cant drag it out of any hole I drive it into. For ease of use and reliability I don' t think you can go wrong. I think the Yamaha bravo is on about the same par.

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    I like the old powder specials. Throw some bar risers on it and go have some fun! If you plan on putting around then I would steer clear of a carbed mountain/boondocking sled. I have an 04 mountain cat EFI 800 and the good folks at valley arctic cat sourced the real hitch kit for it (the real hitch came with tunnel supports and is NOT a crummy bumper mounted cheapo). The EFI sleds do better running slow without fouling plugs. I have towed 450 pounds over 100 miles with mine averaging 10-30mph without any problems at all.
    If you are new to sledding then I will tell you if you don't do anything else to your sled 3" bar risers are a simple DIY for under $40 and usualy doesn't require any wiring changes or cable changes. Even if you are just putting around there will be times when you need to stand and having the extra hight to the bars makes the machine MUCH more controlable. After riding my mountain cat my wife insisted that I raise the bars on her 96 couger 2-up sled. Long story short if you honestly know that you will be one of the few that comes to a virgin field and can resist arent tempted to track it up and just drive to the other side then you will probably foul plugs and get frustrated especialy if it is a carbed machine.

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    sounds like a good sled to me, they do well on trails and for boondocking they are a good overall sled


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