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    Default Delta AK

    Need info on fishing and rafting trips . I would like to plan several fishing trips about 4-5 days long. I would like to know if there are any rafting clubs or groups of fisherman that could share some of their experience. Also would like to know of guides that do flaoot trips. I am in the Delta
    AK. Appreciate any help. experienced whitewater rafter.


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    Default Delta / Fairbanks

    flyfisher 48

    Fairbanks Paddlers Association

    Great bunch of people visit their web site they are always willing to assist to inlcude some winter fun in some of the local indoor pools in town.

    I take it you are new to the Delta area? If you are your in a darn neat place with a ton of options.

    Delta River flowing out of Tangle Lakes
    Gulkana East Fotk to the Milddle flowing out of Paxon Lake
    Gulkana Middle Fork ( more of a commitment trip near Dicky Lake
    The Tanana - not the best choice but well worth the effort from Delta Junction along the Richardson Hgwy
    Little More Effort Upper Salcha requires some power boat help to shorten to 5 days if your going up high.
    Chena River from 40 mile CHSR back to Nordale rd or the **** project
    Chulitna River East Fork to Talkeetna

    Just some options many more depending how remote you wish to get and the amount of money you wish to spend to accomplish your trip.

    I will be out of town for the next couple of weeks with hockey commitments however if you are in the Fairbanks area in March stop on in to our store I would be more than willing to show you some places and tell some fishing fibs on the rivers we work (no strings attached)

    Tight Lines and Best Wishes

    Richard "Moose" Mousseau

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    Also depends if you own a boat of some type. Moose can set you up either way. There are plenty of good 3-5 day floats within a moderate drive of Delta. The 40 Mile is a another good choice in that time frame.
    Somewhere in the archives of this forum is about as much information as you will find anywhere. Enjoy the journey.


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